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Passport, the self-titled debut album by the duo of guitarist Beau Bledsoe and trumpeter Stan Kessler, is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful recordings to emanate from Kansas City in recent memory.

- Plastic Sax (Read more)

Here's two masters of their instruments playing world music with intricacy and exhilaration. And fun.

- KC Jazz Lark (Read more)

  • Stan Kessler trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Beau Bledsoe guitar, oud
  • Lagrimas Negras 3:35
  • Senhorinha 4:49
  • Tangos Flamenco 4:45
  • Inolvidable 4:35
  • Catavento E Girassol 4:02
  • Ave Maria 5:16
  • Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir 4:33
  • Choro Por Ze 3:40
  • Burasi Agora Mevhanesi 3:42
  • Oblivion 4:25
  • Feria Del Caballo 3:31
  • Como Fue 4:09
While You Were Out CD 

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The Sons of Brasil: While You Were Out

Who would imagine that a group of American musicians from Kansas City, Missouri, could have such a passion for "musica bem Brasileira" that they have stayed together for 18 years, developed a strong following and managed to release one of the finest albums of Brazilian jazz to date?

- All About Jazz (Read more)

With a reputation so firmly established in the world of Latin jazz and, in particular, those subgenres of Brazilian samba, bossa nova and choro, it comes as a great surprise that The Sons of Brazil had, until recently, only one recording in 17 years. To the band's enthusiastic fan base, which extends well beyond its Kansas City, Mo., home, the arrival of "While You Were Out" is long overdue.

- Berman Music Foundation (Read more)

  • Stan Kessler trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Doug Auwarter drums, percussion
  • Danny Embrey guitars
  • Roger Wilder piano, synthesizer
  • Greg Whitfield bass
  • Gary Helm percussion
  • Luis Orsano percussion (5, 8)
  • Joao 6:13
  • Partido Alto 8:20
  • Journey 4:51
  • Desafinado 5:04
  • Salvador 5:08
  • Bala Com Bala 7:36
  • Migration 7:08
  • While You Were Out 6:54
  • Surfboard 5:03
  • I've Got Samba 4:30
  • Tell Me Now 4:39
  • Esso Bees 5:23
  • If It Feels Good 5:52
Open CD cover

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Kessler's long, thoughtful solo lines, delivered with gorgeous tone, have long deserved the kind of recorded showcase he gives himself here.

- The Kansas City Star (Read more)

  • Stan Kessler trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Phil DeGreg piano
  • Danny Embrey guitar
  • Bob Bowman bass
  • Todd Strait drums
  • Gary Helm percussion
  • It Could Happen To You 5:33
  • Journey 5:39
  • Cool Struttin’ 5:54
  • Close Your Eyes 4:15
  • Infant Eyes 4:19
  • I Hear A Rhapsody 4:03
  • Blue Man 4:39
  • Sacred Cow 4:56
  • Detour Ahead 5:32
  • Squall Line 4:45
  • Berlin November 4:51
Jazz Meets Chant CD 

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Jazz Meets Chant:
Jazz Adaptations of Gregorian Chants

  • Instrumentalists
  • Stan Kessler trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Doug Talley tenor saxophone
  • Wayne Hawkins piano, synthesizer
  • Bill McKemy bass
  • Todd Strait drums, percussion
  • Chanters
  • Michael Bleich
  • Rev. Martin DeMeulenaere, OSB
  • Mike Neff
  • Stephen Nehring
  • Ron Sondag
  • John Winkels director

When John Winkels commissioned me to do this work I was thrilled. I have always enjoyed performing in clubs, but recently I had been searching for other ways to express myself musically. I saw this as a unique opportunity to put forth something that could have a deeper spiritual impact. I was not disappointed. At our first concert the response was overwhelming and demands for a CD were numerous. What started out as a little church event has blossomed into a full-blown project. This has been a labor of love all the way, a true blessing.

Our purpose is to bring these wonderful Gregorian Chant melodies to life in a new way, utilizing rhythmic and chordal progressions of our time.

All modes remain melodically in tact within the arrangements, including "Amens" where they apply. Each chant in its traditional format is coupled with its contemporary version in order to provide a point of reference for the listener.

We do this with the utmost respect and reverence. Our intent is not to replace but to augment existing material.

Although these chants in their simplest and purist renditions do not need any accompaniment, nearly every composer throughout the last few centuries has utilized a chant melody for the basis of their composition. Chant has met nearly every musical style, and today it meets jazz.

- Stan Kessler

Sons of Brasil CD 

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The Sons of Brasil

In Kansas City, there is a popular jazz group that has performed every week since their inception in 1991. This would not be so remarkable, as Kansas City is renowned for it's tradition of great jazz since the days of Count Basie and Charlie Parker. What is remarkable is that this group of native Kansas Citians plays nothing but Brazilian jazz, with a flavor and passion one might think could only be found at a night club in Ipanema or Leblon. The Sons of Brasil invite you to sample these sounds, which stem from their love and admiration of "musica bem brasileira."

  • Stan Kessler trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion
  • Doug Auwarter drums, percussion
  • Danny Embrey acoustic and electric guitars
  • Wayne Hawkins keyboards
  • Greg Whitfield bass
  • Gary Helm percussion
  • Amazonas 5:33
  • Demons 5:39
  • Em Casa Sonzinho 5:54
  • Triste 4:15
  • Belo Horizonte 4:19
  • What A Day 4:03
  • The Boulevard 4:39
  • Ta Ta For Now 4:56
  • Mountain Vista 5:32
  • Rosinha 4:45
  • Valentina 4:51
  • Zu Zu Rides Again 5:38

I had the luck of meeting Danny Embrey many years ago, when I was working with Sergio Mendes and his Brazil 66 group. Danny joined the band and we toured together and became good friends. I also had the opportunity, through that collaboration, to discover how good a musician he was.

Cut to the present. I get a tape in the mail from a group, The Sons of Brasil. What a nice surprise; I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto. this is Rio, Sugarloaf, Corcovado, samba, wild percussion, great melodies with sophisticated harmonies, and subtle but driving pulse of bossa nova guitar.

A good musician really transcends borders and frontiers. Here are six musicians from Kansas City that, without losing their jazz roots, embrace the Brazilian style with knowledge and true feeling. You can sense the dedication and the love for their music on all cuts. The group works so well together that, like in a well-tuned machine, you cannot single out the pieces because each one of them brings their expertise and contribution to create a pulsating, dynamic fusion of jazz and Brazilian music. With three exceptions, all songs were written by members of the group.

I had a great time listening to this music. It is energetic, romantic, and well-played, with great improvisations. It is good jazz and good Brazil. This is an album that deserves a chance to be heard. I wish them longevity and success, and I hope there will be many more albums to come.

Um abraco brasileiro and good luck.

–Oscar Castro-Neves

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